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February Snow – Leslie Yoder

“Late the evening of February 26, 2011, snow fell in Jamul–a rare event. These photos were taken either around midnight on the 26th or the next morning around 7:30am at my home in Lawson Valley, Jamul. One features a view of Gaskill Peak.” — in Jamul.


Rosie the Rattler – Leslie Yoder

“Shortly after moving to Lawson Valley, Jamul in 2009, I spotted a very colorful and dead lizard next to my house. I went back inside to get my camera, and when I came out, the lizard was gone. On looking around, I found this scene behind my house: A southwestern speckled rattlesnake swallowing the lizard whole. I’ve been a rattlesnake fan ever since.” – Leslie Yoder.

Cold Spring, Warm Cat – Leslie Yoder

“The spring of 2011 featured record low temperatures for the east county. It snowed throughout Jamul in February and again in Deerhorn Valley in April. Like many rural east county residents, I depend solely on wood heat to get through the winter (and, in this case, spring). This photo shows the simple joy of warmth as expressed by one of my cats.” – Leslie Yoder.

Rodents Are Not Weeds – Leslie Yoder


Rodents are not Weeds - Leslie Yoder

“For most folks living in rural East County, rodents are considered a nuisance; they are the weeds of wildlife out here, and not without reason given how destructive they can be. I still find their behaviors and adaptations fascinating, however. Featured here: a pack rat (a.k.a wood rat) nest in the engine compartment of my car.” – Leslie Yoder